HOW TO GET to Wieliczka and Hotel Lenart?

By plane:
Cracow has its own international airport, appropriately named after the Pope, John Paul II, who was born near the city. Almost all the major airlines such as British Airways and Lufthansa fly to Cracow with the budget airlines appearing in greater and greater numbers (Sky Europe, EasyJet, Ryanair, Central Wings etc.). A number of routes also land at nearby Katowice, such as the ones offered by Wizzair from London, Paris and Barcelona. Once you've arrived at Cracow Balice you shouldn't have any trouble continuing your journey.
The fast, cheap and comfortable train departs from Airport arrives directly to Hotel Lenart!!! The station “Wieliczka Park” is about 200 m from Hotel. The ticket is 11 PLN (about 2.5 €) and the service runs about every 30 minutes (from 5:47 to 22:47) taking 40 minutes to get there

Taxis are still relatively cheap in Poland and you can book one online or grab one from the rank for around 70 PLN into Krakow or 140 PLN in to Wieliczka.

By train
You may travel by train from all main cities in Europe to the Krakow main station (Krakow Dworzec Głowny) and next change on train to station “Wieliczka Park”. The ticket is 3 PLN (0,7 €) service runs about every 30 minutes (from 5:47 to 22:47) taking 20 minutes. Hotel Lenart is 200 m from Station. From Krakow Railway Station you can also run by bus No 304 (aglomeration line) from Bus stop “Dworzec Głowny Zachód” (from 4:30 to 22:45 to the ticket is 4.00 PLN) to Bus stop “Wieliczka Park” (taking 45 minutes) or in the night by bus No 904 (from 23:50 to 3:50, one to the ticket is 4.00 PLN to the bus stop “Wieliczka Kościół” (taking about 60 minutes)
Prepare for a five hour journey from Wroclaw, seven hours from Poznan and eleven hours or more from Gdansk. The express between Cracow and Warsaw is the exception with modern intercity trains taking about three hours to complete the 300 kilometres distance. Find precise details by checking out the timetables courtesy of the Polish Rail Network (PKP). Just remember to use the Polish spellings (ie. Krakow for Cracow, Warszawa for Warsaw). Backpackers will be interested to know that there are also overnight trains to and from Prague and Budapest.

By bus:
You may travel by bus from all main cities in Europe. For instance, from London it takes 24 hours to reach Krakow Regional Bus Station which is situated in Bosacka St. 18. Busses are quite comfortable and relatively cheap.

By car:
When you decide to travel by car you should know that the western and sauthern borders you can cross without stoppage and custom checking (Poland is in Schengen Zone). You will need an international certificate of insurance cover, and possibly proof of exhaust emission control on your car. Spot checks on vehicles by grim-faced police are common, and if you plan to stay in central Krakow or Wieliczka, remember that much of it is pedestrianised, or has prohibitive parking restrictions. However, around the Hotel Lenart there is a huge free parking area (for 150 cars) where you will be able to park your car. The GPS date of Hotel Lenart is N: 49° 99′ 04″ E: 20° 04’ 93”

HOW TO GET TO THE Hotel Lenart?

We kindly ask you to inform the Local Organising Committee of the date of your arrival to Krakow. We need info on your flight number at least five working days before the arrival. The Organizing Committee will arrange your transportation from airport to the hotel by car. But we are convinced that you do not need our assistance since you can go by bus or train the centre of Krakow by yourself.

Train from Balice Airport to the “Wieliczka Park” - everyday transport from 5:10 a.m. to 10:40 p.m.

Train from Kraków Railway Station to the “Wieliczka Park” - everyday transport from 5:10 a.m. to 11:10 p.m.

Bus 304 from Kraków Railway Station (bus stop “Dworzec Główny Zachód” to the bus stop “Wieliczka Park” - everyday transport from 4:36 a.m. to 10:49 p.m.

Night Bus 904 from Kraków Railway Station (bus stop “Dworzec Główny Zachód” to the bus stop “Wieliczka Kościół” - everyday transport from 11:54 p.m. to 3:54 p.m.


For local transport you can take the bus and taxi. Bus tickets should be bought from in the traffic and ticket machine immediately after boarding. The cost of single ticket is 3.8 PLN per trip (0.90 €) or 2.8 per 20 minutes (0.65 €). There are many taxi companies in town (the telephone number you will get in the hotel), the price from the Railway Station to the Hotel Lenart in Wieliczka is about 15-20 €).