A limited number of grants is available for young researchers coming from the JINR member countries, thanks to the financial support provided by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Typically we would expect the support to be restricted to accommodation expenses. It can be extended to (partially) cover travel expenses in exceptional cases.

The applicants for grants have to send the APPLICATION FORM FOR GRANT (accessible at ESNA web site), a short curriculum vitae (including age and relevant experience) and the abstract of the paper they want to present, to the chairperson of the ESNA working group and also to the ESNA secretariat in Brno, before 15th May 2017. The basic criteria for the grant are: ESNA membership, age and quality of submitted paper. Priority GRANT applications will be able via e-mail. The ESNA secretariat will select acceptable applicants in co-operation with the chairpersons before 30 May 2017. The ESNA President, Prof. S. Grego will give his final approval and send the list of selected grantists to the Local Secretariat. The Conference secretary will set up the final list and the order of the grant receivers in June 2017.

Any applications for grants submitted after the deadline (1st May 2017), and those that do not meet all the required criteria, will not be accepted. After receiving the grant, the grantists are urgently requested to inform the Local Secretary by e-mail or fax immediately that they accept the grant and that they will attend the Conference. If they fail to do so, their grant will be cancelled.


To commemorate our late General Secretary, Vladimir Borkovec, a travel fund towards the cost of travel has been established to provide some support for young scientists who are members of ESNA and are presenting a paper at one of our annual meetings. Application should be made on the APPLICATION FORM FOR BORKOVEC TRAVEL GRANT (accessible at ESNA web site) including a short curriculum vitae and abstract of paper they want to present, and sent to the Secretariat in Brno for consideration before 15th May 2017. The number of travel grants is dependent on the very limited means of the sponsors and donors. Priority BORKOVEC TRAVEL
Grant Applications will be enabled via e-mail.